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The following rules are for protection and welfare of all of the Tenants, Mobile Home Owners, and Visitors to the Mobile Home Park. By adhering to these Rules, you will be helping us to uphold those standards necessary to maintain a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment.  Any infraction of the rules will be sufficient reason for Around the Town, Inc. a Property Management Company, hereinafter called Landlord, to request and/or demand the Tenant to vacate the premises. 


     Landlord reserves the right to alter any of the following upon giving a 90-day written notice as required by Idaho Code 55-2008.


1.        Mobile Home Owners, and all other occupants must register and be listed with Landlord prior to moving into the park.  All mobiles must be owner occupied.


2.        All mobile homes will be inspected by Landlord prior to placement in the park.  Landlord will prohibit placement of any mobile home which, in Landlords sole discretion, fails to meet the minimum park requirements or established National Mobile Home Standards.  Tenants mobile home shall be in good repair and must bear a current annual license or State of Idaho tax identification number.


3.        All mobile homes must be kept in excellent repair, including entry steps, both front and back, skirting, awnings and any attachments.  Any additions must be mobile and  have Landlords approval.


4.        Skirting is required to be installed within thirty days after the mobile home is placed on the lot.  Skirting shall be metal and shall be around the complete perimeter of the mobile home and must be approved by Landlord.  Removable tongues and hitches shall be taken off prior to skirting. No wooden skirting allowed.


5.        Individual mailboxes are provided by the park.  Mail will definitely not be delivered without your  space number.  Do not park in front of the mailboxes or the post office will not deliver mail.  You must have your # on your home in 6” numbers.


6.         Water, sewer and trash are furnished.  Available directly from the utility company at each lot is natural gas, electricity, and telephone service.  All wiring and plumbing must comply with state and local regulations.


7.        Absolutely nothing is to be attached to the fence.  Landlord will remove all attachments and plants attached to fence.  No climbing or sitting on fences will be allowed.  No trespassing in common areas like bushes/shrubs/fire lane.


8.        NO DRIVING or PARKING ON THE LAWNS will be permitted.  Each violation will be assessed a minimum FEE of $30.00 for lawn repair.  You may ask to asphalt an additional section up front if necessary.


9.        ANY alterations or improvements, which affect the outside appearance of the mobile home and lot, must have PRIOR Landlords approval.  A written proposal must be approved 30 days prior to improvement start.  Paint and color changes must have color swatch attached to proposal. 


10.     Nothing other than patio furniture shall be placed on the patio.  No storage of any kind is allowed on the patio.  No appliances out in the open are allowed.


11.     Awnings approved by Landlords must compliment and coordinate with the mobile home coach.  Storage units and carports must be painted to match homes.


12.     Mobile homes must be periodically washed and/or painted as may be necessary to maintain an attractive appearance.


13.     Landlord must approve fencing around your lot PRIOR to any purchase or construction.  Fencing must be of quality material and installed and maintained by professionals.  Chain link fencing with top rails at front are approved fencing.


14.     Lawns are to be mowed, weeded and watered weekly.


15.     ALL trash must be sent with your garbage.  No dumping near the storage areas.  No composting, and no trash is to be thrown over fences.


16.     Decorative gravel in front of homes shall be considered part of the lawn and must be properly maintained.


17.     No lawn to be removed without written approval.


18.     Hoses need sprinklers or bubblers to prevent flooding others.


19.     If in the opinion of Landlord, Tenant’s premises need mowing, watering, snow removal, or other care, Manager will order work done and all costs, including a minimum fee of $25.00 will be charged to the tenant.  This fee will be treated as additional rent and payable by the first of the following month.  Tenant will receive an itemized billing of such charges.


20.     All residents must obtain at least one twenty gallon capacity trash receptacle and maintain the same; dented cans must be replaced.  Residents must keep trash cans covered with lids that seal tightly. 


21.     Rubbish of any kind, including papers, glass, tins, sanitary napkins and disposable diapers must be placed in trash receptacles.  These items must never be flushed into sewer lines.  Damage determined to be caused by a resident, may be charged for the expense of clean out.


22.     Space under and around Tenants mobile home must be kept clean and sanitary at all times and nothing shall be stored under the mobile home until the mobile home has been properly skirted and Landlord has approved the type of storage.  No fuel, oil, or other materials of combustible nature shall be stored under or near the mobile home or anywhere in the park if it is considered a danger to others.


23.     Storage sheds are required for freezers, appliances or tools so as to maintain a neat orderly appearance on the patios, driveways, and around the mobile home.  Each lot is allowed up to two 10 x 12 storage sheds. They must be painted to match home.


24.     Bushes and shrubs shall be trimmed to a reasonable level so as not to obstruct the view of others. 


25.     If you are going to dig more that one foot deep, please contact Dig Line prior to digging, as we have underground utilities.  Dig Line Idaho 208-342-1583.


26.     WATER – Tenant shall not interfere with any water carriage system either for drainage, sewer, domestic or irrigation water and shall not interfere with any easement for such systems.  Tenants agree that, prior to the onset of freezing temperatures, they will turn off the water supply leading to swamp coolers and outside spigots to avoid freezing and bursting of pipes.  Tenants acknowledge their responsibility to winterize units by heat taping pipes, etc also, Tenants are to maintain all drains, toilets, and faucets.  No leaks allowed.  Watering yards with irrigation water only.


27.     Resident’s home or lot must not be used for any business or commercial operation, including the sale of trailers, vehicles or any other type of merchandise.  Sale of home is restricted by the fact that you must first advise the Landlord.  “For Sale” signs may be situated next to your home or in the window      


28.   PETS – Ownership of a pet is a very serious responsibility and those residents accepting the responsibility will be required to comply with the following:


            Definition: A pet spends its primary existence within a dwelling.  If the pet is

            taken outside, it is on a leash or in a fenced yard, whether in the resident’s lot

            or on other common area. 

a)     No more than two (2) pets allowed.

b)     All pets must be spayed or neutered – PROOF of this is necessary.

c)     Your Pets are not allowed in the recreation facilities.

d)     No exterior pet housing is permitted.

e)     Pet litter/poop must be removed from the mobile home site daily.

f)      Visitor’s pets are not allowed.

g)     Cats must be kept at your own space and not allowed to wander freely.

h)     In the event of complaints, if investigation reveals the complaints are warranted, one warning will be issued to the pet owner.  On the second justified complaint, the owner will be required to dispose of the pet or vacate the premises.

i)      A $50 pet fee, per pet will be required.

j)      No scary breed dogs such as pit bulls, rotweilers, etc. allowed in Park.


29.   You may have up to two large storage sheds, (10x12).


30.        Vehicular traffic must not exceed ten (10) miles per hour and shall stop to give pedestrians the right of way.  Please advise your guests of this regulation.  Parking is provided at your residence for two (2) vehicles ONLY! If there is room for a 3rd vehicle, it must not be on the grass. You must asphalt the area.


31.        To eliminate congestion, please do not park on the blacktop, vehicles that are not used daily.  No vehicles larger than ¾ ton, please.  Do not leave travel trailer, etc., in front of your home for more that three days.  This should allow adequate loading and unloading time.  Please keep campers and motor homes back 17’ from the curb when on driveway for the safety of others.


32.        DISTURBING NOISES AND PARTIES:  Loud and disturbing noises are not permitted at any time.  Sound equipment and musical instruments should be tuned and/or played at a level which will not annoy other members of the community. Loud parties will not be permitted at any time.  Between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am any operation of power tools, equipment or loudly playing music or music playing devices shall be considered a nuisance. 


33.        Motorcyclists are not permitted to joyride around streets. Go carts/etc. are not allowed.  Residents and guests with such vehicles must obey all rules and regulations as established for vehicles.

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34.        This is a privately owned Park and the right to evict, under Idaho code any objectionable person who may cause a disturbance or become a nuisance is reserved; and, Landlord is sole judge of the existence of cause for such action.  Landlord reserves the right to evict, upon giving proper 90-day written notice, anyone from the park who refuses to comply with all rules or accepted practices.


35.        Violations of any law or ordinance of the City, County, State or Federal government will not be tolerated.  Acts of misdemeanor will not be permitted which would place the Landlord or Owner of these premises in violation of any law or ordinance of the City, County, State or Federal governments. 


36.        The Landlord also reserves the right of access to Tenant’s lot at any time for purposes of inspection or utility maintenance and to temporarily move Tenant’s mobile home for repairing park facilities in emergency situations.


37.        ALL RENTS ARE DUE AND PAYABLE ON THE FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH.  ANY RENTS RECEIVED AFTER THE FIFTH OF EACH MONTH WILL PAY A $25.00 LATE FEE.  AN ADDITIONAL $25.00 FEE WILL BE ASSESSED AFTER THE 15TH DAY OF THE MONTH THAT THE RENT IS DELINQUENT.  Unless previous arrangements have been made prior to the fifth to pay your rent late eviction proceedings will begin on the 15th of the month to recover possession of said premises, to declare the lot space agreement forfeited, recover attorney’s fees, court costs and any rent due. 


     The Landlord and Park Management are continually striving to make this park a good place for you to live, and by following these rules, you will be helping us to maintain those standards necessary for a pleasant environment.


     Please sign one copy of these rules and return them to our office to signify that you have read them and understand and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions.


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