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  Rental Agreement and Covenants

Effective Date:  July 1, 2012


Rental Agreement

I, _________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Tenant, agree to rent from Maple Hills LLC, hereinafter referred to as Owner, premises described as  445 South Maple Grove Road, Boise, Idaho 83709 consisting of  Space # _____, upon the following terms and conditions:



Tenant shall use the subject home site for the exclusive purpose of the placement and occupancy of a manufactured home as a residence.   The owner of the home must live in the home.  Maple Hills LLC does not allow individuals to sublet homes within the park.



            A. This Rental Agreement shall commence on_____________________________

and shall continue thereafter on a month to month basis.

B.  If Manager, for any reason whatsoever, cannot deliver possession of the subject home site to Tenant by the commencement date, Tenant may cancel this agreement upon written notice to Manager and thereafter neither party shall have any further liability hereunder. In no event, however, shall Manager be liable to Tenant for any loss or damage resulting from Manager's failure to deliver the subject home site to Tenant by a certain date or at all.


3.     RENT: 

Rent shall be three hundred dollars ($300.00) per month due and payable in advance on the first day of each month to the Manager/Agent:  Around the Town, Inc.

at the following address: P.O. Box 191006, Boise, ID 83719.  Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks drawn on banks doing business in Ada County, cashier’s checks, and money orders.  A $25.00 late charge will be assessed if rent is not received by the 5th day of each month.  The late charge DOES NOT indicate a grace period, and Owner or Authorized Agent is entitled to make written demand for any unpaid rent on the 6th day of the month.  If rent is not paid by the 15th of the month, another $25 late fee will be assessed.  On the 20th day of the month legal proceedings will commence.  The Tenant agrees to pay all attorney fees and other costs incurred by the Owner in any effort to collect any unpaid balance owed as a result of this Rental Agreement.  An additional $25.00 will be assessed for each check that is returned for insufficient funds and all applicable late fees will be applied.  Rent increases may be adjusted after a ninety (90) day written notice to the Tenant.  The ninety day notice may be reduced to 30 days if the increase/decrease is a pro rata share per Tenant for an increase in taxes, utility assessments, or other services normally included in the monthly rental charge.  Issues of public health and safety apply also.


4.     UTILITIES: 

The Owner shall provide water and sewer service.  Tenant shall pay all other utilities.  Tenant agrees to notify Owner or Community Manager if the electricity or gas is turned off upon leaving.  In the event that the Tenant does not notify the Owner or Community Manager of ending electric or gas service, the Tenant agrees to reimburse all costs incurred as a result of damage from frozen plumbing fixtures.  Tenant agrees to subscribe to weekly garbage collection at Tenant's expense. Tenant agrees not to put tampons, pads, grease or foreign objects into the Sewer Lines.

Irrigation water is provided for watering lawns and gardens, washing automobiles, and other exterior uses.  A fine of $50.00 will be levied against any Tenant using city water for such uses.


5.     SECURITY: 

A security deposit in the amount of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) shall be required.  The security deposit shall secure the performance of Tenant's obligations under this agreement.  Under no circumstance is the security deposit to be applied to the payment of any portion of the monthly rent that is due.  Owner may, but shall not be obligated to apply all or portions of said deposit on account of Tenant's obligations hereunder.  Any balance remaining upon termination shall be returned to Tenant.    The Owner agrees to send to the Tenant within thirty (30) days of termination of this Rental Agreement, the security deposit after deducting any charges for unpaid rent, site cleanup, pet damages, administrative charges, damages caused by neglect, or maintenance above normal wear and tear.   If the charges are greater than the amount held by the Owner, an itemized billing will be sent.  The Tenant agrees to forfeit the security deposits, held against the above said premises, upon breaking any terms of this Rental Agreement. 


6.     DEFAULT:

A. Breach of Rental Agreement: In the event of Tenant’s breach of any term of this Rental Agreement, Tenant may be given written notice to cure. If Tenant does not cure such breach within three (3) days, Tenant may be given a ninety (90) day notice of the Manager’s election not to renew Tenant's Rental Agreement.

B. Non‑Payment of Rent: In the event of the non‑payment of rent or other charges and fees specified herein, Tenant shall be given written notice to pay. If Tenant does not pay within three (3) days, Tenant may be given a twenty (20) day period in which to vacate. 

C. Substantial or Repeated Rule Violation:  In the event of substantial or repeated violation of the written Covenants of the Community, Tenant shall be given written notice to comply. If Tenant does not comply within three (3) days, the Tenant may be given notice of a twenty (20) day period in which to vacate. In the case of periodic rather than continuous violation, said notice shall specify that the same violation repeated shall result in termination. After three (3) notices for a violation within the same section within a twelve (12) month period, the Tenant will be given a twenty (20) day period in which to vacate.



A.  In the event of a planned change in land use or condemnation of the community, Tenant has one hundred twenty (120) days, after receiving written notice, within which to vacate the subject home site. Manager shall notify Tenant within fifteen (15) days after a petition has been filed by the landlord for a change in the zoning of the land upon which the community is situated.

B.  The Manager may elect not to renew Tenant's Rental Agreement, in which event, Manager shall give Tenant not less than ninety (90) days written notice of such intention.

C.  Tenant may terminate the Rental Agreement for any reason upon thirty (30) days written notice to Manager.

D.  Any Tenant who is a member of the armed forces may, without penalty, terminate a Rental Agreement with less than thirty (30) days' notice if he/she receives reassignment orders which do not allow greater notice.

E.  Any assignment or transfer of the subject home site without the prior written approval of the Manager, as provided in Sections 12 and 13 hereof, shall terminate the tenancy created hereunder, in accordance with Idaho Code Section 6‑303.



Whenever Tenant proposes to sell his/her home to a purchaser who desires to become a resident of the Community, Manager shall have the right to approve or disapprove the tenancy of the prospective purchaser upon the same basis that Manager approves or disapproves of any prospective tenant, including, but not limited to, a review of the following criteria: (i.e. income, credit, employment, criminal records, prior rental history, age and/or condition of home).  The prospective purchaser must submit an application for tenancy, and if approved, must execute a Rental Agreement, together with a copy of the Covenants, prior to closing of the sale or occupancy of the home. As a condition of approval of the prospective tenant, Manager may require such improvements and/or repairs to Tenant's home as may be necessary in order for the home to meet the minimum standards then in effect, which repairs must be completed prior to the prospective tenant taking occupancy.

Manager may unconditionally refuse the tenancy of any purchaser who fails or refuses to comply with the foregoing conditions. Notice of the Managers approval or disapproval of the prospective tenant shall be given in writing within five (5) working days of receiving a written application.



Tenant agrees that the home to be placed on the subject home site may not be removed until all rent and other charges have been paid.



Tenant shall not permit any person, other than those identified on the rental application, to reside in the home, except for individuals who have not attained the age of 18, of whom Tenant is a parent, has legal custody, is in the process of securing legal custody, or is the written designee of the parent or other person having legal custody of such individual, or as may be permitted under the Community Covenants, without the prior written consent of Landlord.



A. Tenant has inspected the subject home site and hereby accepts the same in its present condition and state, acknowledging that no representations, statements or warranties, express or implied, have been made by or on behalf of the Manager as to any condition or improvement.

B. Tenant, at his own expense, shall comply with all laws, rules, orders, ordinances, directions, regulations, and requirements of Federal, State, County and City authorities, now in force or which may hereafter be adopted, which shall impose any duty upon Landlord and/or Tenant with respect to the use, occupancy or alteration of the subject home site including, but not limited to, any alterations to the premises which may be required under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Tenant shall indemnify and hold Landlord harmless from and against any and all claims rising from non‑compliance or alleged non‑compliance with the provisions of the ADA in effect during the term of this Rental Agreement, and from and against all costs, attorney fees, expenses and liabilities incurred in or from any such claim.



The Manager shall have the right of entry upon the subject home site for the purposes of maintenance of utilities, protection of the Community, and periodic inspection of the premises, or in the event of emergency or suspected abandonment. In addition, Tenant hereby irrevocably grants Manager and his agent the right to enter upon the subject home site for the purpose of serving any notice provided for hereunder.



A. Upon the termination of this Rental Agreement, and pursuant to the terms hereof, Tenant shall immediately surrender possession of the subject home site. All improvements except those fixed to the soil, the removal of which would significantly damage the landscape of the subject home site, shall remain the property of Tenant. In removing improvements on termination of the Rental Agreement, Tenant shall leave the subject home site in better or substantially the same condition as upon taking possession. Upon termination, all service lines and connections shall be left in a state of good repair.

B. Any property not retrieved by Tenant within three (3) days of the removal of Tenant's home from the subject home site, or in the event of abandonment for a period of thirty (30) days of Tenant's home, Manager may consider any property left upon the subject home site to be abandoned, and may dispose of the same in any manner allowed by law. If Manager reasonably believes that such property has minimal or no value, it may be discarded.



A. Tenant agrees to pay all legal costs, charges, moving costs, storage costs, attorney's fees and court costs incurred as a result of any default by Tenant of any term of this Agreement or the Covenants of the Community including the attorney's fees and costs incurred in preparing and/or delivering any written notices of default.

B. The Tenant expressly agrees that in the event of any default, and subsequent termination as herein provided, the Manager may cause Tenant's home to be removed from the subject home site, and may store Tenant's home in any designed storage area as security for payment of all rents, charges, costs and attorneys fees.

C.  The parties hereto specifically agree, and do hereby expressly waive, the right to a jury trial in any action brought by either party to enforce the terms of this Rental Agreement.



A.  Tenant shall indemnify and hold Manager/Agent harmless from any and all claims arising from Tenant's use and occupancy of the subject home site, and the conduct by Tenant or any of Tenant's family, guests, agents or invitees of any activity on or about the subject lot, and against all costs, attorneys fees, expenses and liabilities incurred in the defense of such claim.

B.  Tenant expressly assumes the risk of any loss to Tenant's home, vehicles and all other personal property whether resulting from fires, explosions, theft, vandalism, or negligence of the Tenant or any third party and/or any natural elements or forces.



A.  The parties acknowledge that a copy of the Covenants of the Community are attached to this Rental Agreement and are expressly made a part hereof as though fully set forth herein, and that TENANT HAS READ SAID COVENANTS. Tenant further covenants and agrees that said Covenants shall be faithfully observed by Tenant, Tenant's family, guests, agents and invitees.

B.  Manager reserves the right to amend such Covenants upon written notice to Tenant, which amendments shall be binding and effective ninety (90) days after the date of mailing or delivery, whichever shall first occur, of written notice of said amendment to Tenant.



Manager reserves the right to amend this Rental Agreement, following a written notice to Tenant, which shall become binding and effective should Tenant continue to occupy the subject home site ninety (90) days after the date of mailing or delivery of notice of said amendment to Tenant, whichever shall first occur.



The terms, conditions and covenants contained in this Rental Agreement, any amendments hereto and/all Covenants of the Community, shall extend to and be binding upon the heirs, executors, successors and assigns of both the Tenant and Manager, and shall be construed as covenants which shall run with the land. This Rental Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho.



This agreement and the attached Covenants contain the entire contract between the parties and cannot be changed or terminated except by written amendment upon notice as hereinabove provided.



A.  Failure by the Manager to insist upon strict performance of any term or condition of this Rental Agreement or the attached Covenants, or to exercise any remedy available on Tenant's breach and/or acceptance of full or partial payment during the period of any such breach, shall not constitute a waiver of that breach or of any other term or condition.

B.  Time is of the essence of this agreement.

C. All remedies available to Manager either under the terms of this Rental Agreement or the laws of the State of Idaho, are cumulative and are not intended to be exclusive.

D. As used herein, the term "Manager"/”Agent”  shall include the "Landlord" as that term is defined by Idaho Code Section 55­2003(l).



Covenants of the Community 

The Owner and Park Manager are continually striving to make Maple Hills Mobile Home Park a comfortable place to live.  By adhering to the following policies, you will be helping us to uphold those standards necessary to maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment.  These Covenants are for the protection and welfare of the Tenants and Visitors of Maple Hills Mobile Home Park.  Any violation of these Covenants will be sufficient grounds to warrant the commencement of legal eviction proceedings to have the Tenant and the Mobile Home removed from the Park.  Management reserves the right to alter any of the following Covenants upon ninety (90) days written notice as provided under Idaho Code 55-2008.


Effective Date

            The effective date of these Covenants shall be July 1, 2012.  These Covenants supersede any and all Covenants or Covenants previously in force for Maple Hills Mobile Home Park.  Future changes to these Covenants may be enacted after a notice period of not less than 90 days.  “Grandfathering” of any element of these Covenants will be handled by the Manager in writing on a case-by-case basis.



            The purpose of these Covenants is to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of the Tenants and Management of Maple Hills Mobile Home Park in order to ensure a peaceful, harmonious and secure environment for all of the Tenants.



            If any section of these Covenants is found to be invalid, the remaining Covenants will remain in effect as written.


Handling of Disputes Arising from the Covenants

            The Manager / (Agent) is the representative of the Owner of the Park, and as such is the sole arbiter of any disputes arising from these Covenants.



Table of Contents


Section 1.  Absence……………………………………………………………………………………………10

Section 2.  Access……………………………………………………………………………………………...10

Section 3.  Additional Fee. 10

Section 4.  Addresses. 10

Section 5.  Alcoholic Beverages. 10

Section 6.  Animals. 10

Section 7.  Awnings. 11

Section 8.  Business. 11

Section 9.  Complaints. 11

Section 10.  Contractors. 11

Section 11.  Damage and Destruction………………………………………………………………………..11

Section 12.  Drugs……………………………………………………………………………………………..12

Section 13.  Fencing/Trash can screening...................................................................................................... 12

Section 14.  Fireworks. 12

Section 15.  Home Set-up. 12

Section 16.  Homesite Maintenance and Care. 13

Section 17.  Insurance. 14

Section 18.  Laws. 14

Section 19.  Landscaping. 14

Section 20.  Motorcycles. 14

Section 21.  Offensive Behavior. 14

Section 22.  Parking. 15

Section 23.  Recreational Vehicles. 15

Section 24.  Refuse Removal 15

Section 25.  Resales. 15

Section 26.  Rights of Management. 15

Section 27.  Sewer Lines. 16

Section 28.  Storage Sheds. 16

Section 29.  Vehicles. 16


Section 1.  Absence

            Tenants are required to live in their Mobile Home.  Tenants who are planning to be absent for more than fourteen (14) days must notify the Manager.  Such notice should include the name of the person responsible for maintaining the lawn, collecting mail and newspapers, caring for pets, as well as the address and phone number of their interim location in case of emergency.


Section 2.  Access

Tenants, tenants’ families or guests of Tenants are not to walk through or trespass upon other lots or use vacant lots for any purpose.

Management reserves the right of access to Tenant’s lot at any time for the purpose of Park facilities inspection or utility maintenance.


Section 3.  Additional Fees

Any fees (late fees, NSF fees,etc.) or penalties prescribed throughout these Covenants will  be due with the following month’s rent payment.  All money received will be applied to the oldest amount owed, and to all other charges except rent, with the leftover amount being applied to rent.  Rent is due on the first of each month and late after the 5th. A $25 late fee shall be assessed after the 6th of the month.  An additional $25 late fee shall become due if rent is not paid by the 15th  of the same month.


Section 4.  Addresses

            The space address of each Mobile Home must be clearly displayed in numbers measuring between three inches (3”) and four inches (4”) tall, and located in such a way that they are clearly visible to emergency vehicles.


Section 5.  Alcoholic Beverages

            Public drunkenness, driving under the influence of alcohol, and other disorderly actions are not allowed on park property.  Tenants are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests.


Section 6.  Animals

Animals will not be kept on or within the Park unless approved in writing by the Manager.  Tenant must register such pets with the Manager and must show proof of immunization for any pet subject to rabies.  If pets are permitted, they must not be “unpredictable” or “scary” breed dogs. Specifically there will be no pit bulls, Rottweiler’s, chows, Dobermans, German Sheppard’s, etc. and they must be kept within Tenant’s Mobile Home.  No more than two (2) dogs or cats may be kept by any Tenant.  Dogs or cats must be neutered or spayed and proof must be provided to Manager.  No animal may be kept for commercial purposes.  Any pet that becomes a problem for any Tenant or the Manager shall be removed immediately by Tenant at the request of the Manager.  Pets other than those owned by Tenants will not be permitted on the Park premises.  Cages or dog houses are not permitted outside the home.  Pets outside the home must be on a leash at all times.  Pets may not be left outside unattended while Tenants are away.  This paragraph does not imply that pets will be allowed.  “Help animals” will be permitted with verification of need and proof of the animal’s status.  If not received within 5 business days, pet shall be removed from premises.


Section 7.  Awnings

            Any construction or other improvements on the lot, including awnings and patio enclosures, must be approved in writing by the Manager.  Approval shall only be granted after plans or proper description have been submitted to the Manager.  All construction and improvements shall meet all applicable state and local codes.


Section 8.  Business

Resident’s home or lot must not be used for any business or commercial operation, including the sale of any type of merchandise or service, if such business attracts non-residents to the Tenant’s home.

Solicitors, vendors, peddlers, and other similar business activities are considered an intrusion, and are not permitted in the Park.  If approached by such an individual, Tenant is requested to call the Manager.


Section 9.  Complaints

The Manager/Agent is the representative of the Owner of the Park.  Any complaint which the Tenant has concerning the operation of the Park should be brought to the attention of the Manager.  If the complaint is with the Manager, Tenants should contact the Owner at the address shown at the end of this document. 


Section 10.  Contractors

            Contractors hired to perform work on Homes and/or Lots in the Park must have the approval of the Manager.  Such contractor must have a Certificate of Liability and Workman’s Compensation for his/her employees in order to perform work on the Park premises.


Section 11.  Damage and Destruction

            Willful damage or destruction to property, whether owned by the Park or by a private Resident, is prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of the Rental Agreement.  If the damage is caused by the guest of a Resident, the Resident is responsible for any financial reimbursement required to effect repairs.  When the Tenant vacates the premises, the Tenant agrees to leave the property in the same condition as received, subject only to normal wear and tear.  In the event that the property is not left in such condition, the Tenant agrees to pay the costs necessary to return the property to a rentable condition.  Tenant shall be responsible for damages caused by his negligence and that of his family or guests.  Tenant further agrees to be responsible for Owner's loss of rental income during any period which is reasonably required to perform maintenance work in order to return a lot to a rentable condition.


Section 12.  Drugs

            The possession, selling and/or using of illegal drugs within the Park is grounds for immediate termination of residency. 


Section 13.  Fencing

            Fencing may not be installed without the written consent of the Manager.  Approved fencing is 5’ wooden fencing in good repair to be painted white or a light color which matches the color the mobile is painted.  Chain link fencing is also approved.  Chicken wire fences are not approved fencing and must have a 6 month plan for replacement if currently in place.  Trash cans must be brought back from street and put behind fencing or container that matches your mobile home.


Section 14.  Fireworks

            Use of illegal fireworks on Park property is prohibited.  Only legal “Safe and Sane” fireworks will be permitted.


Section 15.  Home Set-up

All Mobile Homes will be inspected by Management prior to placement in the Park.  Management will prohibit placement of any Mobile Home which, in Management’s sole discretion, fails to meet the minimum Park requirements or established Mobile Home standards.  Tenant’s Mobile Home shall be in good repair and must bear a current annual license or State of Idaho tax identification number.

The Mobile Home must be set in place IAW the Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standards by a company approved by the Manager and placed on the lot in a position approved by the Manager within thirty (30) days of executing the Rental Agreement. 

Idaho law indicates that all Mobile Homes must be securely attached to the ground at six points with ground cables.  Skirting is required to be installed within sixty (60) days after the Mobile Home is placed on the lot.  Removable tongues and hitches shall be taken off prior to skirting and stored beneath the Home or off of Park property.  Permitted skirting materials are:  manufactured metal skirting that matches the home, wood if the home is wood, or masonry.  Non removable hitches tongues must be covered with like skirting.  Vents must be installed for safety. 

The space under and around the Mobile Home must be kept clean and sanitary at all times.  Nothing shall be stored under a Mobile Home until the unit has had the proper skirting installed.  No fuel oils, gasoline, or any other materials of an explosive/flammable nature shall be stored under any Mobile Home.  No oil barrels are allowed in the Park. 

All utility hook-up connections from the existing electrical, water, sewer, telephone, and gas lines, if any, must comply with local and state regulations, and any wiring, plumbing or other hook-up costs whatsoever, are the responsibility of the Tenant.  Electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician.

Residents must provide heat tapes to protect water lines from freezing.  These tapes must be connected to the home’s utilities at the time of initial hook-up.  Residents will be held responsible for the expense to repair frozen water lines on the resident’s lot.  Tenant shall notify the Manager of any water hydrant problems immediately.


Section 16.  Homesite Maintenance and Care

No unsightliness shall be permitted on any lot.  Tenant shall keep and maintain the premises in a neat, clean and orderly condition and free of debris.  All unsightly facilities, equipment tires, batteries  or structures shall be enclosed within approved structures or appropriately screened from view.  Storage piles, compost piles and facilities for hanging, drying or airing clothing or household fabrics shall be appropriately screened from view.  No lumber, firewood, grass, shrubs or tree clippings or scrap, refuse or trash shall be kept, stored or allowed to accumulate on any lot unless appropriately screened as approved by the Manager.  After notifying Tenant twice in writing the Manager/Agent may remove the items from the Park and the Tenant shall be charged.

Tenant shall also water, mow and trim Tenant’s lawn and care for any shrubbery and trees and perform, when needed, ice and snow removal.  If the Tenant fails to do any of the above, Manager will accomplish the work, or contract the work to be completed, to Park standards and all costs of such work will be charged to Tenant, which costs will be treated as additional rent and payable by the first of the following month.  Tenant will receive an itemized billing of such charges when incurred.  Park labor rates for work accomplished by the manager are listed in Addendum 1.

Each space is provided with a driveway for parking.  Tenant may not alter driveway or walkways without prior approval of Manager.  Any approved concrete added by Tenant shall be done to professional standards.  Vehicles shall be parked in the driveways and not in the Park roadways.

Homes must be periodically washed and/or painted as may be necessary to maintain an attractive appearance.  It shall be done in such a manner so as not to cause damage or be a nuisance to the adjoining resident.  Storage sheds to be painted to match mobile homes.

Any requests for improvements, alterations, fencing, landscaping, gardening, planting of shrubs, flowers, trees, or other exterior improvements must be submitted in writing and will be allowed only with the Manager’s prior written approval.  The height of any extensions that exceed the height of Tenant’s Mobile Home must be approved in writing by the Manager. 

Standard yard and patio furniture, barbecue equipment and approved lighting equipment are permitted in Tenant’s space and must be kept in good condition. The hanging of clothes on an outside clothesline is allowed only at the rear of the space.  A small amount of cut and neatly stored firewood may be kept at the space.

            Wading pools, swings, slides, and other similar types of equipment shall not be permitted on lawns, unless prior approval in writing is obtained from the Manager.


Section 17.  Insurance

            Tenants must insure their Mobile Homes for liability, to include a provision to pay for cleanup in the event of total loss.  Maple Hills Mobile Home Park must be named as an additional insured on the policy.  Tenants must provide the Manager with the name of the insurance company, the policy number, and the date on which it went into effect.


Section 18.  Laws

            Violation of any law or ordinance of the City, County, State, or Federal Government will not be tolerated and is sufficient grounds for eviction.  Acts will not be permitted which could place the Management or Owner of these premises in violation of any law or ordinance of the City, County, State, or Federal Government.  Tenant shall pay all taxes on his/her Mobile Home and improvements due by reason of any Municipal, County, State, or Federal law.


Section 19.  Landscaping

            New landscaping on any lot requires the approval of the Manager prior to the work being done.  All plantings which are over 12” in depth require approval in writing.  Water, gas and sewer lines must be located prior to digging.  Landscaping shall not be removed by the Tenant when vacating the Park unless its removal is approved in writing by the Manager, in which case Tenant shall leave the lot in substantially the same or better condition that it was in upon taking possession.


Section 20.  Motorcycles

            Motorcycles will be allowed, providing they adhere to all city, county, state and federal laws.  Riders must have an “M” license.  Motorcycles will be equipped with mufflers as prescribed by law.


Section 21.  Offensive Behavior

Trespassing, loud or disturbing noises, including stereos, car stereos, the use of motorcycles or motor bikes other than for arriving in or exiting the Park, obnoxious odors, and/or other disturbances or conduct by a Tenant or his guest that is offensive or violates other Tenant’s or Management’s right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the Park will not be tolerated and subject the Tenant to eviction from the Park. There will be no loud, noisy outdoor parties after 10 P.M.or before 7 a.m.


Section 22.  Parking

Off-street parking is provided at Tenant’s Mobile Home space. Tenants and visitors shall not park any vehicles in the Park’s streets. Vehicles may not be parked on the grass. Parking is limited to cars, pick-up trucks, vans, and motorcycles. All roads in Maple Hills Mobile Home Park are fire apparatus access roads and shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 feet. Failure to comply with the Park’s parking rules may result in a City of Boise parking citation.


Section 23.  Recreational Vehicles  

            Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) may not be stored in the Park.  An RV may be parked at the Resident’s home for a 24-hour period for the purposes of loading or unloading.  RV’s  may not be plugged in to the Park sewer or septic systems.


Section 24.  Refuse Removal

            Refuse removal is provided at Tenant’s expense.  At various times, the Park will provide a dumpster for removal of brush, limbs, and other large items.  All Tenant’s garbage, trash, or refuse shall be kept in covered metal or plastic containers which must be periodically cleaned and free from any obnoxious odor and insects and placed in or at the rear of Tenant’s Mobile Home in an inconspicuous place or at the place designated by the Manager.  No tires, batteries, used motor oil, etc. shall be put in dumpster.


Section 25.  Resales

            Tenants may advertise their Mobile Homes for sale using one standard “For Sale” sign on the street in front of the Park and one standard “For Sale” sign in front of Tenant’s Mobile Home.  Prior to closing, Tenant’s Home must be brought up to “Code” as defined by the Manager.  Any new Tenant must be approved by Park Management.  If the new Tenant is not approved, the buyer may still purchase the Mobile Home, however it must be moved from the Park.


Section 26.  Rights of Management

            The rights of the Community Manager contained within these Covenants are cumulative, and should the Manager fail to exercise any right at any time, it shall not serve to void any other rights.  Any waiver by the Manager of any provision of these Covenants should not be construed to be a further waiver of that or any other Guideline.


Section 27.  Sewer lines

No items such as tampons, pads, foreign objects, grease, etc. shall be added to sewer lines.  If a professional must be called, and those items are found, the tenants along that line will be equally billed for the entire service call.  Under no circumstances is tenant to make the call to Vendor.  If such call is made, tenant shall pay for call. 


Section 28.  Storage Sheds

            Outside storage is not allowed except in a storage shed approved in writing by the Manager as to type, color, manufacturer, location and setup. Sheds shall match housing.


Section 29.  Vehicles

Vehicles not in regular use, pickups larger than ¾ ton, boats, boat trailers, campers, utility trailers, snowmobiles, or other recreational or utility vehicles may NOT  be stored in the Park.  Inoperative vehicles and unlicensed vehicles must be stored outside the Park.  Big-rig tractor trailers and other oversized vehicles are not allowed in the Park.

All vehicles must conform to local laws regarding licensing, insurance, emission and repairs.  Vehicles dripping oil or gas must be repaired in a timely way, and drip spots on parking surfaces must be cleaned by Tenant.  Repairs, tune-ups, oil changes or overhauling of motor vehicles are not permitted in the Park.

Vehicular traffic within the Park shall not exceed ten (10) miles per hour and shall stop to give pedestrians the right-of-way.


Maple Hills M.H.P.   Space# ______     Tel.#____________  email:______________




Tenant (1)  __________________________________  Date:  _____________

Printed Name:________________________________


Tenant (2)  __________________________________  Date:  _____________

Printed Name:________________________________


Tenant (3)  __________________________________  Date:  _____________

Printed Name:________________________________


Tenant (4)  __________________________________  Date:  _____________

Printed Name:________________________________



By:  ______________________________________

       Authorized Agent/Manager

       Maple Hills LLC

       Around the Town, Inc.


Required Proof:


Insurance Company:___________________________

Policy Number:_______________________________

Effective Date:________________________________


  We would prefer a signed copy be returned, but in any instance these Rules shall go into effect July 1, 2012. 


Include Proof of your Pet being Spayed or Neutered


Pet Name__________  Pet Breed ________   age___     When Neutered/Spayed______


Pet Name _________   Pet Breed ________   age __       When Neutered/Spayed_____   


Any Other _________                  ________           __                                            _____                                        


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